What is a Counterparty?

Counterparty is a term used by cieTrade to describe a company with whom you conduct business. Understandably, your Customer may also be your Supplier and perhaps even an Expense Vendor. Rather than maintain separate lists for Customer, Supplier, and other Vendors, the Counterparty form is used to summarize the complete relationship between your organization and each business entity. When creating your Counterparty, you will assign roles, shipping locations, and invoice addresses to each of your business counterparts.

Counterparty Relationship Type:

Users can now filter for Counterparties by Customers or Vendors, or by the Status of the Counterparty if it is Active, Inactive, or a Prospect. 

Counterparty Locations (additional locations):

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to  support@cietrade.net.