How do I add/store specific instructions for a Counterparty?

If you need to store specific instructions for your Supplier, Customer, or Freight Vendor to appear on associated documentation, this can be added in the Instructions field on the Counterparty form.

To enter Instructions for a Counterparty: 

On the Counterparties tab, select the Counterparty you are adding instructions for, and click 'Edit Counterparty'.

Once you have entered your Instructions, click 'Save'.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Instructions are for a secondary location, please click on the Locations tab of the Counterparty and select the location you want to add Instructions to.

In the Brokerage worksheet, you can now view/edit the Counterparty Instructions from the Shipping Address pop-up.

The Counterparty Instructions will populate onto your Freight Confirmation and Transportation Instructions documentation.

If you need these instructions to show on any other document(s), such as the Pickup Purchase Confirmation, you can copy and paste them in the appropriate Instructions & Notes field. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to