Can I add more than one address for a counterparty?

The  Locations tab on the Counterparty is used to add additional shipping locations or alternate addresses for the Counterparty. Also, in cases where a Counterparty is both a Customer and Supplier but the invoice and remit-to address vary, a location can be added to designate the payment remit-to address. There are two ways to add multiple locations: from the Excel spreadsheet when you are first setting up your account, or manually in the Locations tab of the Counterparty, after the Counterparty is in your account.

To add a location to a new Counterparty using the Excel spreadsheet:

On the Counterpary Excel upload sheet, you can create multiple locations for a single Counterparty by entering the same Short Name for each location line with different addresses.

In the below example, ABC PAPER has three different locations. PLEASE NOTE: In order for all of the locations to be grouped together under one Counterparty, they MUST all have the same Short Name.

To add a location to an existing Counterparty:

On the Counterparty form, go to the Locations tab and click New Location.

Within the Location form, enter information pertaining to this specific Location, using the  Location Label field to differentiate between multiple Locations. If a Supplier Location is also the address to which payments will be sent, check the box next to 'Is Payment Remit-To Address'.

Once you are finished entering details about this Location, click the ' Save Changes' button to create or update your Location.

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