How To Receive Cash Using the AR Module

NOTE: please make sure your accounting link is active before receiving cash. 

1) Go to Accounting tab> Receipts Ledger +. This will bring you to the Receive Payment window.

2) Select the Customer. You can use the Department drop down to limit the number of invoices shown per Customer if they have invoices for multiple departments.

3) Under Open Invoices, all of the worksheets will be listed with additional information, such as Invoice Amount and Adjustments (on the Sale side).

There are three ways to select the payment amount:

a. If you need to apply a discount or are receiving a partial payment, you can manually enter the payment amount under the Payment column in the Open Invoices section.

b. If you are receiving the entire amount for one load/worksheet, you can click the blue Pay in full option below the Payment box. This will auto-populate the Amount Due total.

c. If you are receiving payment for all of the open invoices for this Customer, within the Payment section, you can click Pay all Invoices located below the Amount box.

4) Once you have entered the payment amount, within the Payment section, you can include any Bank Fees or Interest Charges (internal) to be deducted out of the payment amount. You can also enter Discounts within the Open Invoices section.

I.e., if the payment amount is $980, and the bank fee is $20, then the payment being applied to the actual invoice will be $1,000.

5)  Choose the Payment Date.

NOTE: This date cannot be set before the date of the worksheet.

6) Under Payment Mode, choose a cash account or unapplied cash. If Unapplied cash, please read this help file first.

7) Choose the cash GL account from the Deposit To drop down.

8) Enter the Payment Number to identify this payment (may come from the Customer’s check).

9) You can use the Reference # field to enter any additional information required.

10) Click Post. At this point, cieTrade will push the received cash entry to your accounting system.

To check any received payments within cieTrade, you can go to Accounting> Receipts Ledger and filter by Customer.