Grouped Transportation Document

The Grouped Transportation Document allows users to select several worksheets, under the same Freight Carrier and generate a load list to send to the Freight Carrier. 

NOTE: to use this feature, you must have the Load Manager enabled in your account. To enable this, go to Settings> Preferences> System Options> 'Show Load Manager'

1. Once your worksheets are created, go to the Load Manager and select the Carrier. 

2. Click 'Run Group'. This will filter the Load Manager by worksheets with that Carrier entered as 'Freight Carrier' on the expense line

3. Check off the worksheets you want to include on the document.

4. click Group at the upper right hand corner

The document will open in another browser tab for you to preview. You can access the document from the Group column on the Load Manager or on the Document tab of the grouped Worksheet.

For document layout changes, please contact the Support Team 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to