Group Email Lists

Group Email Lists allow you to group contacts together so that they can be easily filtered for on the Contact Manager & emailed. 

To create a new list, select the contacts you would like to include, click Manage Lists>Add to Lists.

Hit "Create new list"

Type in the name and hit "create."

Hit Save & the email list will be created. If you need to remove a contact from the list simply check off the contact, click "manage lists" & hit "remove from list." It will prompt you to choose which list you would like the contact removed from. 

When you are ready to send out a list, filter the contact manager by the desired list. 

Click the top box to select all the contacts in the list. You can uncheck any that you do not want included on this email. 

Once you select the contacts, hit "Email Contacts" which will prompt you to select which field you would like the contact to appear in. If you choose the "BCC" field, the contacts will not be able to see who else is on the email. 

This will bring you to the email page where you can write the email, insert pictures, add attachments, etc. The "From" will populate with the user's email but it can be changed. 

If you need to delete an email list, you can do so in any contact edit screen by clicking on the x button next to the email list.

A record of these emails being sent can be found in Reports>System Email Log. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to