Add Service Equipment

Adding Service Equipment to a Location.

From the Counterparty Location page:

1. Under Services & Equipment, click +Add. Or you can click + on the Service Manager tab on the left hand menu

2. This will take you to the Service Record form where you can input the various on-call and scheduled fees associated with this specific piece of equipment. 

NOTE: Each Service Record represents all of the charges for 1 piece of equipment at each location. Therefore, if you have 1 company, with 4 locations, with 3 pieces of equipment to be serviced at each location, you would have 12 service records. 

3. Enter the following details into the service record:

The Customer is the account you are servicing and the Location is the specific store address where the equipment is. You can use the Department drop down to segment reports. 

Select the type of Equipment, Site Ref (If needed, this is a free text field), a new Equipment Number  and a WT/Yard (if applicable). The equipment type and site ref will be used later to identify this service record. 

Next, select the Hauler/Service Provider who will be performing this service.The Receiver & Location fields indicate the final destination for each pickup from this Account/Location. The optional Material Recovered drop-down can be used to select the product being picked up by this piece of equipment. 

The Schedule date defaults to today's date, but can be modified.  Enter an End Date if known or select 'Never Expires'. If you choose Daily/Weekly/Monthly, different options will show to set the anticipated service schedule. The Active check box will auto check. If you terminate this service, uncheck the Active box and you will not be able to pull this equipment and fees onto a billing sheet, but you will retain the historical data about the service.

Under Expenses & Charges, click +Add Expenses. This is where you will input all anticipated charges and fees for this piece of equipment, including hauling, dump fees, service charges (on call and scheduled), etc. 

The Vendor will default to the Hauler/Service Provider, but can be changed. The Expense Account will also default from the Counterparty's default account, but can likewise be modified. The Description that you enter will be what is shown on the Billing Sheet/Invoice to your Customer. Under Expense, you can see what you are paying the vendor. It can be per service (based on schedule), a flat fee (one per billing cycle), or expressed per unit of weight (IE for a land fill charge). If it is a weight charge, the price extension will be calculated at the end of the month when you process the Billing Sheet. The Chargeback fee is the price that you are charging your customer. 

9)      Use the Pickup/Service Instructions for this Site and Internal Notes or Reminders fields to store information about this account for the hauler and for your dispatcher, respectively.

10)   Choose the Dispatch Defaults for this Service Record

a.       The Default Service Type describes the service being provided for this piece of equipment

b.      The Default Request Party field allows you to store the name of the individual requesting this service

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to