How do I receive Unapplied Cash?

NOTE: to use the AR module, please call or email the Support Team. 

1. Go to Accounting > Unapplied Cash.

2. Click +New Unapplied Cash.

3. Select a Customer and Cash Account (this should match your GL accounts in your accounting system).

NOTE: if you receive payments in different currencies, you will need to set up separate cash accounts for each currency. 

4. Enter the Payment No from your Customer and any Reference number if needed.

5. The Dept drop down will default to your main department or you can select another  department  if any.

6. Enter the Date you received or will receive the money from your Customer. 

7. Enter the Amount you received in the Receipt box and enter any Bank Fees if applicable. If the Customer's currency is different than your Cash Account currency, it will pull in the conversion Rate and Net amounts.

8. Click Post.

9. To view all of your received unapplied cash, go to the Unapplied Cash Ledger under AccountingUnapplied Cash. You can filter this ledger by Customer or Department to limit the number of returned instances. 

To apply the advance payment or unapplied cash to a Customer Invoice, please see the Receiving Cash help file. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to