How to make a Counterparty inactive

cieTrade allows for you to set Counterparties to three statuses: Active, Inactive, and Prospect.

Please note: if you are linked to an accounting system, whatever status you have the Counterparty set to when you sync the Counterparty it will also set that Customer/Vendor to in the accounting system. 

Active: In cieTrade, this will allow you to select this Counterparty for Orders and Worksheets. In QB you will be able to transfer invoices and payables. 

Inactive: In cieTrade, this will allow you to store any Counterparties that you have stopped working with, but will not allow you to select them in any drop downs throughout the system.

Prospect: This status in cieTrade is for Counterparties you have not yet worked with and will act as an inactive Counterparty in your account. It will not sync the Counterparty to your accounting system either. 

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