New Note

Users can create a New Note within the Latest Activity tab by adding comments and uploading images or files for a specific counterparty. Users can also file the note within an 'Opportunity' category by using the File To drop down, add a date and time, and select a Note Owner. Notes can be viewed in a list form under Latest Activity or be drilled down directly on the Counterparty form.

To create a new note:

1. Click on the New Note icon on the top right bar, or, navigate to Latest Activity and click on the 'New Note' button at the top right of the page.

2. Select the Company from the drop down, or begin typing into the field to search the list of Counterparties.

3. Add a Comment of what this note is about.

4. Upload files or images by selecting the Upload File button.

5. Users can use the optional Opportunity drop down to file the note for further categorization. All notes can be filtered on this drop down.

6. The Interest in product is populated with your systems products. All notes can be filtered on this drop down.

7. The Interest drop down is to indicate which side of the transaction the note is for. IE for BUY or SELL. All notes can be filtered on this drop down.

8. Enter the date and time under When did this happen? to record when it occurred.

9. The Expiration field lets readers know when this offer will expire. All notes can be filtered on this drop down.

10. Select the Note Owner user name from the drop down.

11. Click Save to create your note.

To edit or delete a note, go to Latest Activity, place your cursor over the note and at the bottom right of the note, click either:

  • The Pencil/Edit icon to go to the edit page of the note.


  • The Trash icon to confirm and delete the note.
    • Deleted notes cannot be accessed later on.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to