How do I undo a batch post?

You can undo a batch post by going to the Voucher Inquiry under the Accounting tab. There are two ways to undo a batch from the Voucher Inquiry:

1. Click the Undo icon next to the Batch line.

Or 2. Click on the AP Batch No to open the AP Batch Report and click 'Undo Batch'.

A pop-up message will come up asking you to confirm:

"Are you sure you want to undo this payable?"

After clicking OK, the batch will be undone, placing the payable(s) back into the AP Ledger and the bill in your accounting system will automatically be removed.

Common Errors

If you posted the batch with no accounting integration and then at the time of undoing the batch have the accounting integration turned on, your accounting system will try to look for that bill to remove it, but since it cannot find it, you will receive the below error. Please contact our Support Team for further assistance on undoing a batch with this error.

"Unable to find Bill No. '[Supplier Invoice No.]' in [accounting system]."

In the accounting system, if the bill has been fully or partially paid, will not allow you to undo the batch. You will receive the below error preventing the undo.

"Bill '[Supplier Invoice No.]' has been paid in [accounting system]."

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to