How do I invoice a load? easily allows you to email or print an invoice to your Customer once a load has shipped. This will also be the point in which your gross profit is recognized financially in both cieTrade reports and in your integrated accounting software. 

Invoicing a Load

Once a load is completed and shipped, open your brokerage worksheet and change the Status to  INVOICED

The  Posting-Date is a key field that indicates the date that your financials are recognized in accounting. When the worksheet is set to INVOICED Status, you can no longer change the date. If no Posting-Date is selected prior to invoicing the worksheet, it will default to the day you saved the worksheet into INVOICED Status.

PLEASE NOTE: when a worksheet is invoiced, you will notice several of the fields on the worksheet itself lock down and become greyed out. This means cieTrade no longer allows you to edit these details. This is to ensure that no financial data is modified after you have invoiced your Customer.

Once you click  Save on the worksheet, you will see that your Profit Snapshot reflects the Products/Grades you sold and associated Expenses, giving you a full snapshot of your expected gross profit on this transaction. 

From here you can click on the Documents tab of the worksheet to select your Invoice document to print and/or email.

Emailing an Invoice

You can either write an email to your Customer and attach the invoice, or you can use cieTrade's preformulated email templates to save time. To use the email template, select  Invoice Template from the Template drop down list on the email page, which will populate any email address, subject, and body of the email that was entered on that specific template.

For more information on creating and using email templates, please click here

As mentioned above, once a worksheet is in 'Invoiced' Status, it will affect your reports within For instance, it will be added to the totals reflected on your dashboard and other reports.

Final Note: If you have the accounting link turned on, you will see an invoice sent to your accounting software with the invoice number and amount due. For more on the cieTrade's seamless accounting Integration, please click here.  

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