How do I record Commissions?

There are two ways of tracking commisions in

If you want to track them on a load by load basis to calculate the Reps check at the end of the month:

1. Under Settings> Sales Reps add your Sales and Buy reps. 

2. You can set them as defaults on Counterparties or select them on individual Orders and Worksheets. 

3. When it times to pay them, go to Reports> Gross Profit by Sales Reps and filter for the Sales/Buy Reps name. 

If you want to calculate the Rep's commission as an expense on each load and create payables for each transaction:

1. Create the Sales or Buy rep as a Counterparty. Their relationship should be set to Vendor.

2. On the Worksheet, under Expenses, you can select them as the Vendor. Enter the pricing as either a flat fee or as a percentage. Use the Per/ drop down to select the UOM. 

3. When you put the Worksheet into Invoiced Status, this expense will be a payable in the AP Ledger

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