Can I set the currency at the Counterparty level? supports multi-currency conversions. On the Counterparty form, the Currency drop down is used to establish a default Currency for the Counterparty. When Worksheets or Orders are created for this Counterparty, the default currency will automatically populate with the exchange rate to ensure that products or expenses are priced correctly. 

PLEASE NOTE: All final gross profit and reports will be set to your home currency. For example, if you have USD set as your domicile currency, and your Customer is paying you in EURO, the rate will be converted to USD before hitting your financials. 

To set a Currency for the Counterparty, go to the Counterparties tab, select the Counterparty you want to add the currency to, and click ' Edit Counterparty'. Select from the Currency drop down menu which currency you want to establish, then click 'Save' on the Counterparty form.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only set ONE currency per Counterparty, even if you have multiple locations for that Counterparty. If you need to set more than one currency, you will need to create a secondary Counterparty for that company. 

To view the currencies in the system, go to Settings > Currencies. If you need to update the Exchange Rates to the current rate, click 'Update Exchange Rates'. 

If you need to manually add a new Currency, click '+New Currency'.

You can also view a log of a specific Currency's exchange rate history by clicking on 'View Exchange Rates' on any of the currency lines. 

If you need to manually add an Exchange Rate for a particular currency, click '+Add Exchange Rate' within the Exchange Rates history page. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to