How to Split Payables supports a Split Payables function for partial payments going to a Supplier. For example, if a Supplier invoices you for the partial amount of a load, when posting the payable in the AP ledger, you can use the Split Payables button to enter the current invoice amount you have received, instead of having to create adjustments to offset each split amount.

To post a Split Payable, go to the AP Ledger and select the worksheet associated with the Supplier's invoice and click Split Payable.

he Split Payable page will display all of the products on the worksheet along with the Split Amount and Balance for each product. From here, you have two ways to split the payable:

1. If you need the payables separated by product, check Split Each Payable and click Apply.

This will break down the payables so that there is one payable line for each product on the worksheet.

Enter the Split Amount if you received partial payment by entering partials for each desired product(s).

Once you click Apply, creates one payable line for each Split Amount and each remaining Balance for you to post through separately to the accounting system.

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