Flipping Payables to A/R

cieTrade.net provides an easy way for you to invoice a Supplier without manually creating a separate transaction. For instance, if you arrange the freight for a load, but need to charge the Supplier for the expense, you can use the following tool: Post to A/R

To begin, go to AccountingAP Ledger. You can use the inquiry filters to search by Account, Status, Department, or UOM. Once you find the negative amount you want to flip, check the negative payable line.Then click Post Invoice.

Please note, the Supplier must also be set as a Customer on the Counterparty form in order to post to A/R. For more about setting up your Counterparties, please click here . 

In the Post A/P Voucher page, confirm the Invoice Date, which will populate as the Ship-Date on the Offset Worksheet, then check the Post to A/R checkbox. cieTrade will automatically fill in the Invoice # field with 'AP-OFFSET. 

Once you click Post, cieTrade.net automatically creates a new Offset Worksheet, shown below grayed out along with the original negative payable.

The Offset Worksheet will display the Supplier/Vendor as the Sold To Customer and the invoice amount is shown in the Expense section. From here, place the worksheet into INVOICED status to send the invoice to the accounting system. Then go to the worksheet's Documents tab to print or email the invoice document to your Supplier.

Please note, the Counterparty MUST HAVE a default payment term set in order to place the worksheet in Invoiced Status. 

  If an Offset post needs to be undone, please click here.

If you do not see the Post to A/R checkbox when posting your payable, then check your Account Mappings in Settings to verify that you have an Offset account set up in your system.   Once this is added, the Post to A/R checkbox will show.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to support@cietrade.net.