Mapping Sales & Expense Accounts

In order to utilize the Accounting Integration in, you must first establish a list of accounts that will allow the integration to map to your accounting system. Below we will discuss the minimum accounts needed for Accounting Integration, as well as the additional accounts that you will want to map in order to take advantage of other features in

It is important to note that GL Account Numbers must be enabled in your accounting system in order to map these accounts to cieTrade. In QuickBooks (QB) Online this can be accomplished by navigating to Settings > Your Company > Chart of Accounts. Account numbers will need to be enabled. If this is not already set, you can enable account numbers by going to Settings > Your Company > Account and Settings, click on the Advanced tab and in the Chart of Accounts section check 'Enable account numbers' and 'Show account numbers'.


Navigate to Settings > Account Mappings. Click on the New Account button provided on the top right hand side of the Accounting Mappings page.
Enter the Account Number and a unique Description.
Select the Class of the Account that you are adding. The A/R, A/R Accrual, A/P, and A/P Accrual accounts are required and the Account Number must match exactly, as these accounts will be hit directly by
Click Save Changes to finish.

The following accounts should be setup in your system, as well as in your accounting system:

Suggested Account Name Class Accounting System Account Type
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Accrued Accounts Payable
Other Current Liabilities
Accounts Receivable
Other Current Assets
Sales Accrual
Other Current Assets
Cost of Goods Sold
Cost of Goods Sold
Sales SALES Income

Finally, for those using QB Online as their accounting system, a 'Products and Services' list item must be created when utilizing the AR Module. To do this, simply navigate to Lists > Products and Services in QB Online and click New to add an item named 'Sales Accrual'. Assign the appropriate Sales Accrual account (utilized in the above setup) to the item's Income Account drop-down and click Save and Close to complete.