Service Record Export

The Service Record Export allows you to 

  1. Import New Service Records
  2. Export a list of existing Service Records
  3. Edit Service Records on an excel spreadsheet & reupload the updated Service Records back into the system (Note: You can also add new service records during this process)

The Service Record Export is located in the Service drop down menu:

Import New Service Records

If you are just importing new Service Records, check the "Empty Template" box & click "Export."

An excel file will download to your computer. This is our Service Record Upload Template. You can fill out the relevant information about your new Service Records.

Each column row is equivalent to one piece of equipment. 

When you are creating all new Service Records, make sure to put New in the Service # column when you are creating new Service Records.

Scroll over the red corner in order to figure out what each column is used for. 

Once you have all of the new service records entered into this spreadsheet, save it to your computer. Go back to the Service Export and click on the "Browse" button:

Select the file & click "Open"

Next, click "Upload"

Once you have uploaded the data into the template, click "Import"

If there are any issues with the data, you will receive this error message:

In this case, the cells that need to be fixed will be highlighted in red:

If you scroll over the cell, it will either prompt you to select a correct value from a drop down menu (i.e. if you put a GL Account that does not exist) OR it will give a description of what should be entered into that cell:

Once all of the data is corrected, you can upload these Service Records. They will now sit on the Service Inquiry as active Service Records. 

Export & Edit Existing Service Records

If you would like to export a list of existing Service Records, use the filters at the top to select what you would like to export & click "Export."

Note: You do have the option of selecting "All Accounts" if you would like to export all of your active Service Records

This will download an excel Service Template Export document to your computer that will contain all of the active Service Records within the parameters selected. If you open up this file, you will be able to make changes to these Service Records:

If you want to add additional Service Records, you can do so at the bottom of the list. Make sure to put "New" in the Service # column. cieTrade will assign the Service Record a unique number when they are imported into the system.

Once you have made all of the necessary changes to these Service Records, you can re-upload the file into the Service Export using the same step by step process detailed above. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to