New Task

Users can set Task reminders for team members regarding an active or prospective client in the Latest Activity tab. In the New Task, users can Assign a task about this company, describe the task, assigning a deadline, person responsible, and category of whether to call or email the client within the “New Task” feature. The note can be assigned to a specific client by selecting the company name from the drop down menu.

To create a new task:

1. You can do this from 3 different locations in

a. From the Latest Activity tab, click on Add a new task under 'Your Upcoming Tasks',

b. From the header of, click on the Task Notifications icon on the top right bar and click on Add a new task under 'Task Notifications'.

c. Or from the Counterparty drill down notes page. 

2. Under Assign a task about this company, select the Company from the drop down or begin typing into the field to search the list of Counterparties.

3. Add a note about the task in the Describe the task text box.

4. Enter the date and time of when the task should be completed by under When should it be done?.

5. Select the person responsible for the task from the drop down Who is responsible?

6. Assign the note to either an email or phone category under Assign to Category.

7. Click Save to create your task.

This task will now appear within the Task Notifications icon, on the sidebar on the Latest Activity tab, and on the Counterparty drill down page.

To remove a task and mark it complete, simply check the box. you will be prompted to confirm that the task has been completed. 

NEW: Tasks will now send out email reminders. If you wish for the email reminder to go to the user assigned, check (OWNER). If you wish for the email reminder to go to the contact, check "Contact."

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to