How do I create and save email templates? provides the ability to create or select a preset template that will automatically populate the information from the template, including the subject and body of the email, when emailing certain documents to your Counterparties.

To find your Email Templates, go to Settings > Email Templates.

There are currently five premade templates already created in your system that are available, or you can create your own template by clicking the +New button.

Template Description: What you want to name the template.

To be used with Document or Form: Choose which document you want to use with this email template.

From: The email address that this template will always be sent from.

CC: The email address that will always be CCed for this template. (OPTIONAL)

BCC: The email address that will always be BCCed for this template. (OPTIONAL)

Subject: Title of the email.

Default: If the Default checkbox is checked, the template will automatically populate on the email page when the desired document is selected to be emailed. If the Default checkbox is unchecked, the user will have to manually select the template from the Template dropdown on the email page for it to populate the information.

Insert Placeholders: This dropdown is used to select the placeholder you would like to insert into the body and/or subject of the template. Placeholders are used to be replaced with the information from the particular transaction being emailed. 

Please Note: If you need a placeholder that is not currently in the system, please contact the Support Team to add it. 

To save this template, click Save