Setting Up Payment Terms

In, your AR and AP  Payment Terms can be used when posting Customer Invoices and Supplier Bills to your accounting system. Within your account, you can define each term (i.e. number of days from ship date, discount amount, etc.) and assign each term a distinctive Description. It is important that these terms are correctly defined within this setting, as they will populate in Payment Terms drop downs and documents throughout the system, where they can be applied to Counterparties, Worksheets, and Orders.

To add or edit:

  • Navigate to Settings > Payment Terms. Click the 'New Terms' button provided in the top right hand corner to define a new term. 
  • To delete a Payment Term, place your mouse over the line you wish to delete and click the trash icon that appears to the right of the line.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Any Payment Terms that have already been applied to a Counterparty, Worksheet, or Order CANNOT be deleted.

NOTE: if you are integrated with an accounting system, your payment terms will need to match EXACTLY.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Support Team via email to