Can I set a default payment term for a customer or supplier? allows you to set default Payment Terms per Counterparty to simplify data entry throughout your workflow. If a Counterparty has default Payment Terms set, it will automatically populate on forms where this Counterparty is selected, such as an Order, Worksheet, or AP Ledger payable when being posted.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to selecting the terms within the Counterparty form, they must first be set up within your Settings. For more information, please see Setting Up Payment Terms.

To set your default Payment Terms, click on the Counterparties tab and select the Counterparty you want to add a term to. Click 'Edit Counterparty' and select from the Payment Terms drop down menu. Once this is done, click 'Save' on the Counterparty form to apply your changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Worksheets and/or Orders created PRIOR to setting your default Payment Terms WILL NOT be impacted by this change. Worksheets/Orders created after this change will automatically populate your default Payment Terms when the Counterparty is selected.

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